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Tel: +44 (0) 1909 733066

Skid Car Experience

New Skid Car Experience
Foot to the floor, wheels spinning, car sliding. You catch it once, and then throw the steering wheel the other way. Too quickly, much too quickly, you’re losing it. But then you catch it again, and you’re back on track, round the next turn, spinning freely, tyres smoking. Now you’re getting it, easing around the course, it’s one more corner, and then the finish, just ahead. Keep it straight; keep your foot down, keep it going…

Using techniques which simulate loss of car control you'll learn the skills (and thrills) of driving on ice, aquaplaning and skid avoidance exercises with our friendly and expert instructor. We are sure your driving confidence will benefit from the addition of these skills - they're as enjoyable as they are educational.

Skid Car Experience

Skid Car Experiences, Northamptonshire, Midlands


Briefing: 30 mins (Format of experience/techniques required)

Drive time: 30 mins
De-brief: 15 mins (Q and A, Certificate Presentation)

TOTAL TIME: 2 ½ hours
(The length of the driving time is approximate and should be used as a guide. Please note that the car is shared between 3 drivers. All drivers are in the car together and take turns to drive.)

Price: £124.00

Experience Information
What Car?
Driving Time
Experience Length
Height Min
Height Max
Max Weight
Action photos available
Certificate Presentation
Saloon car mounted on hydraulic frame
Outer paddock
30 mins
2-1/2 hours approx
5’ 0”
6’ 3”
17 st

How to get there

How To Get There Exit A14 at Junction 7 on to A43 'Kettering/Corby/Stamford'. At roundabout take A6003 'Corby/Oakham'. Continue over the next two roundabouts (second has BP garage) still on A6003, then right at next towards Corby and follow signs to the Rockingham circuit.

The Availability Our operational days run from May to November. There will normally be two operational days per month; normally these will take place on Saturdays with occasional weekdays

The Weather If there is threat of extreme conditions (i.e. snow, ice, fog) please ring the Weather Hotline on 01536 271279.

Spectators Friends and family are welcome as spectator and catering facilities are excellent, and we have some exciting pay on the day activities (subject to availability). Dogs are not allowed.

Numbers On The Day There will be between 1 and 6 other people taking part in the session.

Dress Code Long sleeve shirts, long trousers and light flat-soled shoes are required. Crash helmets will be provided. Where a helmet is required for an experience it is mandatory and there will be no exceptions.

Other Information Participants are required to sign a disclaimer before taking part. Any persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to sign the form on their behalf.

If you cannot order your experience with PayPal please contact us for other payment methods
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