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Tel: +44 (0) 1909 733066

Mitsubishi Evo Driving Experience in Oxfordshire

Evo Blast

Mitsubishi LogoThis is a taster drive in one of our Mitsubishi Evo's, giving an experience of these turbo charged four wheel drive rally homologation specials developed for the World Rally Championship.

Feel over 300 BHP shoving you back in the seat and what Brembo's finest brakes can do to stop you again as you negotiate our fun track.

Mitsubishi EvoWhat you get:

  • Welcome and registration.
  • Tea and Coffee.
  • Briefing on safety and driving etiquette.
  • Driving Session: 4 lap drive in the Mitsubishi Evo
  • Individual driver assessment in each car
  • Commemorative certificate on completion.
  • Free light refreshments.

Spectators are welcome at no extra charge.

Please allow for around 2 hours at the venue.

Mitsubishi Evo Blast

Price: £100.00

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